Speed of Trust Excelerator Pack - (1 year subscription)

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Discover the five trust actions that will help individuals minimize risk while maximizing possibilities. These courses, based on the book Smart Trust by Stephen M. R. Covey and Greg Link, will give participants the tools needed to extend Trust, which will help them enjoy greater prosperity, energy, and joy-both personally and professionally.

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We live in a low-trust world surrounded by crises and challenges. Who can you trust? How can you trust? Choosing Trust will enable you to operate with high trust in a low-trust and unpredictable marketplace. The more unpredictable it becomes, the more your sound judgment and ability to trust in this low-trust world will give you a tremendous competitive advantage—and the capacity to navigate the uncertainty low trust creates.

Based on the new book by Stephen M. R. Covey and Greg Link, these LiveClicks on-demand workshops will help you understand how trust issues impact every situation in life. In fact, trusted people are more likely to get hired or promoted, get the best projects and bigger budgets, and are last to be laid off.

4 Excelerators included:

Smart Trust

Self Trust

Relationship Trust

Organizational Trust

In Smart Trust, you will learn the five trust actions that will help you minimize risk while maximizing possibilities. This course will teach you the tools you need to extend Smart Trust, which will help you enjoy greater prosperity, energy, and joy—both personally and professionally.

You Will Learn To:

  • How to trust in a low-trust world
  • Why trust matters
  • The economic impacts of trust
  • The Five Actions that will help you earn the dividends of Smart Trust
  • Act with integrity
  • Set a positive example
  • Take responsibility  
  • Build confidence
  • Restore trust with others
  • Grow and develop organizational trust in your role at work
  • Recognize organizational trust dividends
  • Identify systems and processes that need improvement and use the 13 Behaviors of Trust to create action plans to address these issues
  • Identify symbols of trust and distrust within your organization and make plans to repair when necessary

Length of Training:

Four 1-Hour Courses